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Ozarks.Tech's mission is to help people succeed in today's rapidly changing marketplace. We utilize the cloud and other technologies to design, build, maintain and improve high tech systems.

CEO Artie Romero has done pioneering work in computer graphics, virtual reality, debit card systems and touchscreen development since 1985. Starting in 1996, his companies have conceived, engineered and managed thousands of successful web projects, including:

  • Launched Artie.com in 1996, which got over one billion page views in just 20 months. Sold in 2018
  • Created 300 city business directories at CityStar®, which logged 24 million page views/month. Sold in 2014
  • 2005: Designed and engineered the National Day of Prayer task force's website for Shirley Dobson and President George W. Bush
  • Designed and engineered the Visit Colorado Springs' website, an organization with hundreds of business members in a billion dollar tourism market

Every organization and business needs a vital, up to date internet presence. Ozarks Tech provides the technical expertise and marketing know-how to build and maintain websites that fill this need. We utilize data science, machine learning and AI to transform and innovate, creating unique, tailored solutions.

Successful marketing of websites consists of establishing good search engine optimization and engaging your site's visitors. We're deeply proficient with this work, and that is our unique selling proposition.

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